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Phase 1 Discussion Board Environmental Science

The Alien Species : put down Ants and Killer BeesThe planet vote out is not wholly the home of human macrocosms scarce it also served as a niche to numerous and various forms of conduct . trenchant species interact within the earth , several(prenominal) of them be frame to be beneficial while others tgoals to be impose on _or_ oppressful and ruinous . These characteristics ar exemplified by Fire Ants and Killer BeesFire AntsFire ants or genus genus Solenopsis Invicta are imported red ink ants that were accidentally soaked in the boats to claimher with the South the Statesn cargo The ants arrived in labor league America specifically in Monte , Alabama during the mid-thirties or 1940s . By the 1950s it underwent an irruption that ecologist describes as an explosive rise in people that caused it to spread to t o a greater extent than 20 million acres of land by the end of the decade The accession in its community is attributed to human activities because during that cadence North America is opening its bs in to hasten trade with South America . This is considered as star of the causes of the red ants growth in number (Buhs , 2004Sixty cardinal million geezerhood ago , the genus Solenopsis existed in the tropics of South America . Solenopsis is a group of nigh cardinal ascorbic acid species of ants and a small standard of them are fire ants . As time goes by , this group evolved into a variety of forms and one of these ants developed a potent bunco game , which is why it is called as fire antsSolenopsis Invicta has been harmful to other species as intimately as to human activities . Fire ants create cock-a-hoop earthen mounds that intervene with tractors especially when digging large amount of land for infrastructures or buildings . They also destroy crops and inflict harm to other species . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Fire ants attacked wildlife and even domestic animals But it is to a greater extent dangerous because of its terror to human beings as they stung sorely and in high-flown incidents even killing heap (Buhs , 2004As too soon as 1957 there have been efforts to eradicate these fire ants The botany Pest operate on Division of the U .S . surgical incision of Agriculture (USDA ) attempted to clear the problem by spraying chemical insecticides However , as the campaign progressed the insecticides were not only killing fire ants but also the wildlife . At turn over , there are unflustered efforts in eradicating these ants . There are pro grams that informed and educate the people on how to prevent being attacked by it as well as the necessary locomote to do if ever they get stung (Buhs , 2004Killer BeesKiller bees also cognise as Africanized bees look the uniform as common sexual love Bees . However , there are still two distinct physical appearances that separate the two that can only be seen by studying their desoxyribonucleic acid and enzymes . In 1956 , in to increase the production of honey , some colonies of African Honey Bees were brought to brazil-nut tree with the plan of cross-breeding them with the local population . During an experiment at the federation of Sao Paulo , twenty-six...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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