Monday, January 20, 2014


SSC Exhibition SSC-1: Same Shape A shape is a mingy figure. A pairogram is a shape with four locatings, setback aligns parallel and equal. A rectangle which is a kind a parallelogram with 4 rightfield angles. A public square which is a kind of rectangle with all side are equal. A square isnt a rectangle what is more its a kind of rectangle because a square inc field 4 right angles as a rectangle. The variance amidst a square and rectangle is that a rectangle has opposite sides parallel where a square has all sides are equal. A rectangle isnt a parallelogram vertical it is a kind of parallelogram because opposites are equal and it has 4 sides the difference is that a rectangle has 4 right angles where a parallelogram doesnt. SSC-2: Symmetries of Figures When you drive to let a figure with ½ turn residuum and virtuoso line of reflection rest it must have around different line of symmetry. The theorem that we have developed in class just about the problem was if a figure had ½ turn symmetry and one(a) line of reflection symmetry, then it must have some other line of reflection symmetry? My understanding of a symmetry and isometry is that symmetry is isometry that reflects back on itself which an isometry is a shimmy that preserves the measure and distance between figures. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy es   says on any topics and disciplines! All cust!   om essays are written by professional writers!
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