Friday, January 24, 2014

British Colonialism

British Colonialism and the Marginalization of the Malayans in Penang Ariffin Omar School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang Email mulct This base will examine the force of British colonialism on the Malay companionship in Penang. I will lead off with the coming of British colonialism. The severing of Penang from Kedah and the political ramification of much(prenominal) an event. The outcome of Penang as a British outpost and its intake by the British to control and influence events in the Federal Malay states will be touched upon. The impact of British colonialism on the Malay community in Penang especi anyy on the torturing of its characteristics will be dealt with. How did the Malay community total itself into the colonial mould will be looked into. Did colonialism led to the marginalisation of the Malay community in the various spheres will be examined. The payoff of a plural society in Penang with all the features and value of a cosmopolitan society must convey had an impact on the Malay community. What was this impact? Was it negative or imperative? Where were they Malays to be found? What sort of settlement patterns did the Malay need to reside in? Were they all rural? Or urban or semi urban? What sort of seam attracted the earlier Malays? Why or what caused them to be within the manikin of occupational sector and what were the cultural and political changes that affected the Malay community? British Colonialism and the Marginalization of the Malays in Penang In stage to reckon how British colonialism affected the Malay community in Penang we have to look into the implications of the colonization of the island by Francis electric bend an English state of matter trader. The Sultan of Kedah in his negotiations with neat offered to lease the island to the East India beau monde with the hope of obtaining protection from the British against Siamese and Burmese li mp in his state. As such in August 1786, Fra! ncis Light took...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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