Tuesday, January 28, 2014


antigone Antigone: A Martyr, a Masochist, and a Victim of Tyranny The souse soup ?Antigone? written by Sophocles takes, place in the 400s B.C. in the townsfolk of Thebes, Greece. When Antigone hears her brother shall not have a decent burial, she breaks the pouf?s order and sprinkles dirt over Polyneice?s body. Antigone pleads for her life, and Creon, the king locks her up in a populate of stone in the wilderness. Haimon, engaged to Antigone attempts to rescue her, but finds her dead. because Haimon kills himself after an argument with his dad, Creon. After that, Euridice kills herself over the grief of her parole?s death. Antigone can be considered a martyr, a masochist, and a victim of tyranny. Antigone is a person who volitionally and pleasurably suffers death, or else than renouncing her cause for which she has taken a stand. ?I should have laudation and honor for what I have done.? When Antigone is saying this, it is telling the readers that she is willingly and pleasurably bringing deat...If you want to get a pass away essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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