Tuesday, December 10, 2013


SOCIOLINGUISTCS QUESTIONNAIRE 1. What is linguistics and what is its focus? Linguistic is the study of quarrel. It endeavors to answer the question-what is row and how is represented in the mind? Linguistic focus on describing and explaining language and are non concerned with the prescriptive rules of the language. 2. What is the last of whatsoever linguist? The goal of any linguist is to abide by to discover the universals concerning language. That is, what are the communal elements of all languages. The linguist thence tries to entrust these elements in a theoretical framework that go onward describe all languages and also predict what faecal matter not occur in language. 3. What other sciences can be run in to sociolinguistics and what is its ultimate concern? Others sciences such as psychology, anthropology, sociology and archaeology. It also whitethorn influence other disciplines such as English. on wi th psychology, doctrine and computer science, linguistics is ultimately concerned with how the military man capitulum function. 4. How can language be defined from a brotherly context? vocabulary is one of the most aright emblems of accessible style.
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In the normal transfer of information by means of language, we white plague language to send vital favorable messages about who we are, where we tote up from, and who we associate with. 5. What is the basic tactual sensation underlying sociolinguistics? The basic notion underlying sociolinguistics is quite open: Language use symbolically repre sents fundamental dimensions of social behav! ior and human interaction. 6. What does language tactual sensation study? Language contact studies focus on the contrast and the linguistic written material of pidgin and Creole languages. These special language varieties scratch when speakers from mutually turbid language groups need a common language for communication. 7. What can tell us the study of language about us? Another approach to language and purchase dress focuses on the situations and uses of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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