Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kohlberg Vs Gilligan

Kohlberg and Gilligan have differences in their theories of moral/ethical using. One of the main(prenominal) issues Gilligan has with Kohlbergs research is the fact that he hardly study males and feels the results were sloping against women. Since Kohlberg was an actual student of Pia learn, he set up his theory in delivers similar to his teacher. Kohlberg believes that morality is judge collapse and has developed 3 lay outs, 2 levels each, of moral development. The first leg is the pre-conventional stage: Children unquestionably obey rules set for them and then heat into a flexibility of the rules base on undivided influence. The blink of an eye stage is the conventional stage: Morality begins to sham into a thought of doing what is beaver for the family and those close to them. Then, morality develops into what is vanquish for separateing and the common nice. The last stage is the post-conventional stage: This stage is truly similar to the o ne before except that in like manner world for the common good, morality is establish on what is best for the individual despite current laws and rules. The last level removes the belief that laws and rules atomic number 18 only acceptable if they be incisively. Kohlbergs research reason that moral development is justice based and that most women were only able to achieve the visit levels in the lower stages.
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Gilligan was a student and college of Kohlberg. She had issues with his research and did her stimulate study. She discovered there are two types of morality development; justice based and assi stance based. She came up with her own 3 s! tages of moral development. Pre-conventional: Morality is based on option instincts. Anything you film to do to survive could be considered moral. Conventional: Morality begins to move away from individual survival to include the survival and good of society. Post-conventional: This stage takes into consideration truth. Its not enough to just do or be good, the goodness should be based on truth.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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