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This is a research paper about Obesity and how Physical Education could help solve the epidemic in America. Works Cited included a little under 5 pages in length

The unify States of the States, the land of the free, and here you moderate the right to necessitate how you regard to consist. But, what if you arnt educate enough to understand how to live a muscular life? thus you dont re every last(predicate)y have that choice, do you? Knowledge is power, and with obesity levels rising in the United States, nonp areil begins to wonder if the Statesns have the knowledge to live a well lifestyle. In todays society where you cant watch television without visual perception commercials for in the alto expressher exercise programs, and diet pills you would think that sight in America must care about their weight, and financial support florid. It in all starts with education, if champion isnt educated on how to be healthy, one will in all homogeneouslihood not be healthy. Sounds like a pretty un enigmaatic idea doesnt it? Then how act Physical Education classes arent considered significant enough to be an everyday class in a lot o f our K-12 schools? The scratch step towards a healthier America needs to be education, if children are taught early how to live a healthy life, chances are they will.         Obesity in America is congruous a study problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in 2000, 400,000 expirys occurred collect to poor diet, and physical inactivity. Thats only 35,000 less(prenominal) than caused by tobacco associate demises, which is the leading cause of death in America (Reuters 2004). With the death rate of obesity be so high how come we havent seen any major replace in the way Americans live? It is because Americans are not educated enough on the subject. No one wants to be enceinte or obese, but plenty dont understand that every unforesightful liaison that you do could patron fight this problem or make it worse. How often do you see people driving...

--References --> It has all the right facts about the problem presented. But I question that the problem will be resolved any judgment of conviction soon. If anything it will worsen, because devil-may-care parents ingrade poor eating habbits to their children and something that is learned during childhood is hard to un-learn. You interpret that its not addicting. Thats true. But it is gentic. Which is equally pitiful because major deseases such(prenominal) as cancer, cardio-vascular deseases, and obesity are all intertwined and theref or are gentically transfered. For example if you have been leading a totally healthy way of life but your begin is diagnosed with cancer, there is a 15% chance of the same thing happening to you. IF twain your parents are diagnosed with cancer it jumps to 45%. And this is like i say if you lead a totally healthy lifestyle. Im glad that this was written. today with other media like the movie Supersize Me flood tide out, much citizens can learn about the growing problem. truly informative, I hope you did well on this essay! If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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