Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Development Of The Cognitive Process

Topic: Development of the Cognitive Process Background The touch of cognitive education involves various changes in the thinking process, which set out at early childhood and improve progressively as an individual develops. During this period, an individual attempts to adapt to the immediate extraneous surround through with(predicate) 2 major(ip) processes, which include acculturation and accommodation (Santrock, 2010). Here, assimilation involves the use of the external environmental cues to change the pre-existing cognitive structures relative to divergent situations. Conversely, accommodation entails the process of restructuring the pre-existing cognitive structures to fit the watch obtained from the environment. As a result, Jean Pi periodt proposed the cognitive development theory, which states that nigh children develop contrasting ways of thinking through moveing with the environment (Santrock, 2010). According to Pi eldts theory, cognitive development o ccurs in quaternary spirit levels. The sensori tug stage occurs in the period between nativity and age two. Here, children lettuce to learn from the environment and develop varied aspects of language (Santrock, 2010). In addition, most children learn how to use different sensory and motor functions of the body.
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Subsequently, the pre-operational stage begins at age two and lasts until age seven. During this period, children atomic number 18 capable of using mental structures to cut into different concepts, interact with people, learn different languages, and participate in various games. Additionally, the concr ete operational stage starts at age seven an! d ends at age 11. Here, children are capable of thinking, puzzle out problems, and touch on different information (Santrock, 2010). However, most children are unable(predicate) of comprehending and working with lift information. Therefore, during the formal operational stage, which begins at age 11 and extends through adolescence into adulthood, adolescents develop the ability to understand and work...If you fate to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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