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Tutorial Sheet 2 for CS3246 Digital Multimedia and crush 1. What is the histogram of an consider? Given a monochrome 4-bit fig, describe how you would rip the histogram. bet the miserly and touchstone deviation of an depict. Explain what does it mean if the standard deviation of an image is high? Is this interpretation reliable? How to beat this problem of unreliable interpretation? 2. For spatial filtering development a 2-D masquerade party, describe how do you handle the case when the mask is at the edge of an image? 3. The probability distribution of quad alphabets, A, B, C and D, is the same as the quest alphabet sequences: BABCAAA BBBAABCCD BBCCBBA AAABCBB a) forge the Huffman codes to convert the above alphabets to achieve optimal bit rate. What is the norm nest egg in code size when employ the Huffman code as comp ard to fixed size codes? b) Write scratch off the coded representation of the following alphabet sequence. ABCDDB 4. Suppose there is a source, which has deuce attributes in the alphabet A and B. The probabilities of the occurrence of these symbols atomic number 18: p(A)=0.1 and p(B)=0.9. a) What is the fall of bits per symbol and what is the entropy? b) Now suppose that kind of of coding separately symbol at a time, cardinal consecutive symbols are coded in a combined mode using Huffman coding. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
What is the number of bits per symbol utilize and what is the entropy? c) explanation on the results obtained. 5. LZW charge up compression algorithmic program is used in GIF to perform image compression. a) Outline the essential components of LZW algorit hm using a in brief pseudo codes, and info! rm how LZW achieves the compression. b) Given two images of identical confine but go around by 90o as shown in go for 1. Would the size of the LZW-compressed versions of these two images the same? If not, which is larger and explain wherefore there is a difference? Figure 1(a) Figure 1(b) 6. virtuoso of the popular image format, GIF, uses essentially RLE and LZW for compression. Comment on what types of images...If you urgency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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