Monday, June 10, 2019

Communication In Business case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Communication In Business case study - Essay ExampleThe Indian subcontinent consists of nations which are demographically very distinct from the Oceanic countries cities have the dense population, it is quite common to families to live together thus coining the parole joint families, and feel at unease while art their bosses by the first names.Communication is varied during different stages of the relationship. The first stage is the initiation phase wherein verbal and written communication in form of telephonic and online interaction precedes face to face interactions.It is here that it will be found necessary to dig a little into the history of India, as cultural implications diarrhea a major role in deciding the mode organization communication being followed in a particular nation (Roberts and Tuleja 2008, 474). The nation was, a great deal two centuries, a colony of the erstwhile British empire. Thus English customs may be found rooted in the manner of communications. ever yplace time, however, local mannerisms have mingled with these habits to produce a different set of rules altogether.Meeting etiquette requires a handshake when one conducts business in India. Indians, on the other hand, enforce a traditional variant of greeting The Namaste. This gesture consists of bringing the palms of the two hands together at chest level along with the utterance of the word Namaste with a slight bow of the head. It has been noted, however, that people from outside the subcontinent often use this gesture beyond necessity it must be remembered that India still suffers from a caste-based separatism in its societal structure. It will thus be judicious to decide beforehand to decide of the necessity of such a gesture.

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