Sunday, May 12, 2019

Bus 617-week 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bus 617-week 10 - Essay ExampleEvaluation of the courses effectiveness within my organization would be through ensuring it is not duplicative and regularly monitoring the ledge life of the coursew ar. This practice would support workplace happiness by bringing in a unfeigned worldwide buy in of training programs among the participants and significantly reducing the cost of training. The practice is also flexible.What is misadventure now in my organization is lack of excellent content that can be applied globally and it is affecting the entire learnedness industry. Going by the potential of this practice, the future looks great and promising. The reason as to why I am saying that the future looks great is because using the practice well unneurotic with the program would just imbibe the best effect on any given organization asunder from mine. This information I acquired through real-time research and everything taught can be built on oneself. roughly of the information came fro m a pdf called best practices of high functioning learning organizations. The rest of the information came from comparing notes everywhere the internet and library. As I complete this exercise, I feel comfortable with the information that I acquired because it is self-explanatory and I can easily feel it transforming my organization and the entire industry.I have five goals videlicet extending my organization by going global, creating satisfaction to my customers, getting better learning programs for my organization, reducing the cost of learning and engaging my customers in the best way possible. One year from now, I will have make a lot considering the use of global practice. The organization at this time looks great, as I have gone global. The priority is however going global and the starting point is using the global practice. The advantages are that it could place the organization better competitively and at the same time, the disadvantage being that it would take more than time to fully be implemented

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