Thursday, March 28, 2019

the dandelion killer :: essays research papers

The Dandelion KillerThis legend takes place in the beautiful Frankfort, Kentucky. The setting is real. The Evans shop, Elaynas house, Jayboys house are a a couple of(prenominal) places of where this story is set.In the present time, is when this story is set. There isnt an detailed date of when the story takes place.Jayboy Calvin is an interesting person. He is different from anyone else in the story because he is 55 years hoary but has the mind of an 8 year old. The darkness is what scares him the most. He thinks it testament swallow him up, and he will never be able to see his best relay link again. He hates the color black. He wont let his mom sully anything for him thats black. When he gets crayons, hell break the black one in the store before the darkness underside spread. He loves dandelions. His best friend Elayna (or Layna) as he calls her) is the princess of dandelions and he is her trusty knight. Elayna Evans life is full of mysteries. She has upset everyone. Hunt , her husband, disappeared 10 years ago and her daughter Carrie died of meningitis at the age of 4. She has had a lifelong friend, Jayboy. He helps her in many ways through the struggles and she helps him. Shirleene, Elaynas sister-in-law, was brutally murdered one night in her coffee shop. psyche stole a dandelion pin from her shirt, stepped in her blood and at one time the police think it was Jayboy Calvin Could someone with the mind of an 8 years old possibly kill someone? Everyone is trying to figure out who it is and you cant trust anyone.The impression left on me was that friendship lasts a life time. I liked how the author hinted to some things but indeed made them cliff-hangers.

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