Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kashmir :: essays research papers

KASHMIR?Geography,     Kashmir is located in Himalayan range. Most of the area is mountainous with very fertile land, pretty lakes, covered with thick green forests and produce verity of fruits.Area, 84471 sq. miles with boundaries with Pakistan, India, china and Afghanistan.Population,      intimately 5 million consisting of 77% Muslim. Borders with Pakistan 902 miles and borders with India 307 miles.Brief History,           The state of Kashmir came into existence in 1848 when Lord Lawrence the Governor General of British India sold the area to Gulab Singh a leader of Hindu dogra tribe for RS 7.5 million. Dogra rulers treated the Muslim Population who was meek, unfortunate and peace loving harshly and taxed them Heavily.          At that time of partition of India all state was given the option of acceding either to India or Pakistan. Lord Mountbatten the fin ale Viceroy of India in his addressed the prince of the state on July 25,1947 said, "accede to India or Pakistan, bearing in mind the geographical situation by the individual state, the composition of their population and wishes of their people".          According to the portion of India plan announce by the viceroy of India on June 3 1947, the Muslim majority provinces were to start out Pakistan and those with Hindu majority were to form India. The province of Punjab was accordingly to be divided. A boundary tutelage headed by sir Redchiff was appointed. This commission wrongfully awarded a Teshil (county) namely Gurdaspur to India to provide land connection between Kashmir and India. On July 19 1947 the Muslim conference, the only political party of Kashmir announced that it demands accession to Pakistan. The Hindu maharajah Harry Singh honoree acceded to India whole population rose in revolt. The maharaja close down to India a nd the Indians troops invoked the valley on October 27 1947. The Kashmir freedom fighter back up by Afghanistan tribes men put up a resistance. The credential Council of UNO passed a resolution asking India and Pakistan to cease-fire for January 1,1949. In another resolution the Security Council asked both the countries to with draw their forces from the state for an impartial plebiscite under the control of UNO to patch up the future of Kashmir. UN military observes has since been appointed on cease-fire line. A commission to arrange plebiscite was also appointed headed by Mr. Gunner Jarring. India however has been adopting delaying tactic ever since to allow the Kashmiris to exercise their right of self determination.

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